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Beverage Services

Beverage Multi-Pack Services

ANEX Warehouse has been serving the beverage industry for many years. Aside from the traditional warehousing of full goods, packaging materials, supplies and empty kegs, ANEX has developed expertise in a variety of specialized services pertaining to the brewing industry.

  • Sortation of returned glass bottles
  • Disposal of glass
  • Sortation of kegs
  • Emptying kegs
  • Refurbishing kegs
  • Pallet Repair
  • Recycling
  • Certified Product Destruction

In addition, ANEX has developed an automated production line to create hi-velocity multi-packs which contain a variety of flavors in a single carton. Initially, these variety packs were a seasonal feature of brewers. Due to their growing popularity, multi-packs are being produced year around.

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